RubyLED - Official Partner of the Hurricanes

RubyLED - Official Partner of the Hurricanes

RubyLED is proud to be a partner of Wellington's Ruby team, the Hurricanes.

Red light and Near-Infrared light therapy has been shown, through numerous scientific studies, to support both on-field performance and recovery off-the-field. 

“We have been using RubyLED devices before training sessions to energise the body and reduce muscle strain throughout our sessions and as part of a post-training routine, to speed up the recovery process." says Dave Wildash, Hurricanes Head of Physical Performance.

The Hurricanes, with RubyLED as official light therapy provider, have joined the growing number of elite teams and athletes world-wide embracing and incorporating light therapy into their training and recovery programs. 

Read the press release on the Hurricanes website.