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  • Are you constantly feeling tired yet cannot sleep?
  • Are you’re suffering from back problems or neck pain?

Red light therapy is here to help.
Feeling stressed and tired are commonly experienced symptoms in today’s world.

This is because the pace at which we live our lives doesn’t allow us much time to slow down.

Constant stress from work commitments, running around after the kids, and the hundreds of other activities we do daily, can lead to chronic inflammation within our bodies.

This, in turn, causes damage to our body’s healthy cells, tissues, and organs which can eventually present as more serious health problems.

Fatigue, back pain, low testosterone levels, and poor sleep are all common signs that our bodies are feeling the pressures of a modern lifestyle.

This is where red light therapy can make a difference.

Red light therapy is a powerful combination of both red and near-infrared wavelengths. Red light at 660nm, energizes the skin cells, whilst near-infrared light, at 850nm, penetrates those cells that lie slightly deeper within the body.

Red and near-infrared light, when shone onto the body, stimulates the mitochondria within the cells to produce energy.

More energy allows the body to carry out its functions more efficiently and direct more effort towards healing and repair.

Here are just some of the ways that red light therapy can improve your health.

Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Red light therapy is especially effective at reducing pain and inflammation, particularly for those suffering from arthritis, lower back pain, and neck and shoulder pain. 


Exposing the body to red and near-infrared light before bed can prime the body for sleep. Red light therapy can aid sleep disorders, like insomnia, by helping manage melatonin levels and by regulating the body’s natural circadian rhythm.

Low Testosterone

Maintaining healthy testosterone levels is important for metabolism, sexual function, and overall wellbeing. Scientists have known for years that natural light has a positive effect on testosterone levels.

A 2016 study on men showed that light therapy improved sexual satisfaction whilst a study in 2018 deemed red light therapy beneficial for treating male infertility.


Red light therapy is also effective at improving mood disorders. One study showed an immediate improvement in depressed individuals after just one hour of exposure to light therapy.7

Red light therapy has shown to be extremely effective at boosting overall health and wellbeing.

With Ruby LED, you can effectively allow your body to rejuvenate and heal in as little as 15 minutes per day.

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